Thursday, July 30, 2009

Team drift in houston

This was a drift a event i went to with a few friends a while back. It was a great show...quite a lot of people signed up to go drifting. They also had some people from new orleans. This stall makes me want an FR car. I'll get one soon enough...anyway on to the pics.

this is the only toyota chaser i know of in the us....and i love everything about it.

Ok so there's this really cool shop called 786mortoring (more about them later). Its owned by two brother named amier and amien(sorry if i spelled your names wrong guys). There really cool guys and some great drifters. There in a team called SL kids and have been drifting together for a while. This was the last drift event they all drifted in. Right now there working on the car trying to get them ready for next year.

Ok the car above is amier's toyota cressida. I'll try and get some update shots on his car. Something to watch out for next year. The next car i'm going to show you is ron. He drifts an s14 with a turbo i loved his car it was sick. But gone now...wrecked it a while back. I'll post pics on it later.

Ok the next team mate is alex who has a 240 hatch. Also a ka turbo...this car is up and running right now but still working on it.

Sadly i don't have a pic of amiens ride....its an old gs300 with a 2jzgte. Slamed all the way to the ground on some work vsfk. Right now there just trying to foces on the shop last time i saw them. So i'm going to stop by and see if i can get some updates on there rides. I'll most likely do a shop tour of them. Will its late so i'm going to sleep good night.

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