Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My car

Will i really haven't updated much on her lately....but i never really gave you guys a run down on her. Its a 91 toyota mr2 turbo with a jdm engine swapped in. The owner before me did that....and sure he got the car too run. He did not do the best job. i know this cause i am fixing a lot of his problems. Anyway he's a pic of when i first got the car.

Now i add a few new things...and sadly had to take off my rims. Didn't have enough money for tires and also i wanna get them refinished. Also the paint isn't as nice as it use to be. When i first got the car i was and clay the hell out of her. Then i put nu finish on and it F up my paint. Anyways i have stock wheels on a new lip. i'll post some pics of her tomorrow...after i wash her down.

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