Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No computer

So i haven't had a working computer lately.....So i've been kind of pushing back all my posts. I have been working on my car lately. Just put on a new intercooler pipe that my buddy made for me. Its not the best fitting but we worked with what we got. I feel as if your working on your car and you fix a few things....You find new broken things that need to be fix. Its like you take 10 steps forward and then 5 steps back. Anyways the car is running a lot better and is hitting full boost. No i need to put my fuel cut back so i don't blow this car up. New vac lines are coming up and intake and intercooler. I'm shooting for the end of summer to have the engine running like new and riding on new springs and shocks.

i want my bay as clean as this.

also i wanna give a shot out to earl from earlclectic for sending me a wfc+haiti. Haiti is still going through hard times. So if you guys can do anything to help go for it. Never let anything hold you back and never let anyone stop you from your dreams. Also if you have some free time check out earl's blog..he's on my links.

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